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I do not offer various different packages with different fees etcetera. I do however differentiate between shoots and events that will require my services for a full day and those that will not…


Full day events are any events which will require my services for more than 4 (FOUR) hours.

A typical wedding shoot will include for example the following:-

1. Pre-wedding consultation;
2. All preparations of the bride, i.e. the time with the hairdresser and make-up etcetera;
3. Preparations of the groom, if the venue and time allows;
4. Pre-ceremony shoot of the bride (and groom if the venue and time allows)
5. The reception area;
6. The formal ceremony;
7. Family- and other group images;
8. The bride and groom after the wedding (the fun part);
9. The reception and everything it entails.

It does not make sense for me to set aside a full day for your wedding or other special event and limit my availability to only a couple of hours. A typical wedding day will commence at about 09H00 or whatever time the bride starts her preparations, and will end after all the “formalities” at the reception have been finalised and when we are satisfied that we got some proper images of the fun at the reception. The latter will typically be at about 22H00 or 23H00 or even later. As such a full wedding shoot can be 12 (TWELVE) hours or longer.

What do you get as far as images are concerned?

I DO NOT print 100 or 200 images of different sizes and include this in a package – The reason is simply that your choice of what should be printed might be completely different from mine. I can recommend a couple of excellent studios to do your prints if necessary, the detail of this can be discussed. If you wish to do, so a meeting can be held after your images have been processed, to decide which images must be printed on which mediums and in which sizes. I have examples of the various different print mediums, which include amongst others canvas, metallic and fine art matte paper types, to make your decision easier. I can assist you with ordering your prints, but please note that any prints will be done at your own cost and are not included in my fee.

I also DO NOT limit the number of digital images that you will receive and I will provide you with ALL images taken at your event in digital format. I process all images myself and the final product can end up to be some 700 (SEVEN HUNDRED) or more images for a typical full day wedding – The number of images largely depends on the duration of the shoot. The images that you will receive will include many monochrome, sepia and other interesting conversions and I WILL NOT present you with only 20 or 30 conversions like some other photographers. Should you decide, within a reasonable time after you have received your images, that you want a specific image in a monochrome or other conversion that I have not done, such a conversion will be done free of charge.

I will provide you with three sets of digital images on DVD or Removable Disk (memory USB stick). The first set will be all full size processed images SHARPENED FOR PRINT, which you can utilized for printing. The second set will be all full size processed images, WITHOUT ANY OUTPUT SHARPENING, i.e. it have not been sharpened for any specific purpose and can be resized and sharpened at a later stage for any specific purpose. The third set of images will be all processed images resized to 900 pixels at the widest end and sharpened for the web – These images are ideal for internet and email purposes (and DO NOT contain any watermarks!).

You will be requested to provide me with the names of 3 (THREE) of your favourite songs or musical pieces prior to wedding – These songs or musical pieces will be included in a high definition (HD) slideshow video of some of your wedding images. The video is typically about 20 (TWENTY) minutes long.  You will receive a DVD of this slideshow video, which can be viewed on any DVD player/television, as well as a digital copy in MP4 digital format, which can be viewed on any digital playback device.

You can also give your consent to allow me to post some of your images in an ONLINE GALLERY on this website – I usually post between 50 (FIFTY) to a 100 (ONE HUNDRED) on the website, which is ideal if you want to share your images with friends and family and to have access to them at any time, day or night. You can withdraw your consent to publish any image or all of the images as such AT ANY STAGE, upon which it will be deleted from the website as soon as possible.

Finally, photos are meant to be printed! I will provide you with 3 (THREE) images printed on A4 fine art matte paper – These images will normally include one of the bride and groom as a couple and two portrait images of the bride and groom separately.

Just to summarize – The package includes the following:-

   1. Pre-wedding consultation;

   2. Full coverage from early in the morning until late in the evening;

   3. ALL images, including MANY monochrome-, sepia- and other conversions;

   4. 3 (THREE) Sets of images, as stated above, on DVD or removable disk;

   5. An HD video slideshow of your images on DVD and in MP4 format;

   6. 3 (THREE) images printed on A4 fine art matte paper;

   7. An online gallery on this website (with your consent);

   8. Additional image conversions within a reasonable time after the shoot.


An engagement shoot takes typically between 1 and 2 hours and are an ideal and fun way for you to make up your mind on whether you will trust me with your wedding images. We simply decide on a location/venue of your choice and have some fun for a couple of hours.


Should you require my services for an event for 4 (FOUR) hours or less, an hourly fee will be payable.

Please note that my services are not limited to weddings! I also accept mandates for corporate- and sport events, or any other special event that might justify a couple of still images!

I will once again provide you with all processed digital images in the same manner I do for weddings.


Yes, we will sign a proper written contract to protect your legal interests and of course mine.


You will retain full copyright in respect of and in all images. Images will only be posted by me for promotional purposes on this website and in social- or printed media, with your express consent. This consent can be withdrawn at any stage.


It is very important to arrange an in person meeting with me as soon as possible and if possible. The purpose of the meeting will basically be one of general introduction and to enable ourselves to get answers to questions we might regard as important – I am sure there are many questions which I could not answer on this website here.

Please utilize the CONTACT PAGE should you wish to contact me or enquire about my fees and availability. I will also contact you telephonically once you have sent me a message as suggested and if you indicated that I can do so.

Wedding Photographer Pretoria Johannesburg | Rudi van den Heever Photography

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